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Baby care

With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

Baby care

Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


    Of vegetable oil fat is allowed

    Sweet dishes allowed to eat honey, jam, jam. Can eat up to 50 grams of sugar per day. Should exclude chocolate, cream products.

    Eggs can have any form (cooked, fried), but not more than one day.

    Useful dairy products: milk, yogurt, buttermilk, mare, cottage cheese, cheese nonacute varieties. In small quantities allowed to use cream, sour cream, ice cream.

    Of vegetable oil fat is allowed (no more than 30 grams per day) as well as butter or ghee (not more than 20 g per day).

    Of drinks you can drink weak tea, milk tea, any fruit, berry and vegetable juices (excluding grape), kvass, fruit drinks, broth hips. Mineral water is not prohibited, but first consult with your doctor. You should not drink strong tea and coffee.


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