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Baby care

With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

Baby care

Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


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    Without a doubt, modern painkillers are able to eliminate the pain, but they can also cause complications, and doctors unnecessarily such medicines should not apply.Local anesthetics, etc., may slow down the heartbeat of the fetus and the mother of bleeding.By the way, remember that any introduction of analgesic medication requires your permission.Epidurals - this method of anesthesia in which the analgesic agent is introduced into the space in front of the dura surrounding the spinal cord

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    Try not to place the child seat near the door, as it is the most dangerous place in a side collision, and also straps on the sides harder security used to secure child seats.Calf's teethBookmark deciduous teeth occurs very early, at 7-13 weeks of pregnancy.Most children first erupt 2 lower medial incisor

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    Such a child is introduced before juices, starting 3 weeks of age with a body weight of at least 2000 to enter them carefully, starting with 5-7 drops of 1 per day, gradually increasing the number and at the end of 2 months adjustedand 1 tsp

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    can try to feed it to my circuit:Frankly about childbirthCaring for your babyMorning - milk porridge (egNutrilonovskaya rice-corn (orwheat biscuits))In mid-morning snack - buckwheat on vegetable broth(Zucchini, cabbage, you can add a little bit,salt, vegetable oil)At lunch - vegetable soup with meat (potatoes,zucchini, meat, salt, vegetable oil)Evening - buckwheat on vegetable broth(Zucchini, cabbage, you can add a little bit,salt, vegetable oil)At night - milk porridge (Nutrilonovskayarice-corn)One - two times a day let childrencurd can be with him rub applegrated (if the child curls face assour)

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    and n ^ e to u and u;ead of k and p and s and t in I and with about a ton of I n and I n l o a d, n e s about in th e s t s e and m with w and s n s w.Terms and contraindications are taken into account only when no asbolyutnyh indications for surgery.Caesarean section: relative indications of the motherThis is a situation in which it is possible to take into account the circumstances, conditions and contraindications, and when you can make decisions not only in favor of caesarean section; situations in which birth vaginally physically possible, but involve a threat to life and health of the mother or child.

    Abortion caused

    Edited and published on the site: PRESSI (HERSON)How does it manifest?Abortion caused by infection may cause signs of intoxication (poisoning), tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), high fever, chills and a pain in the uterus.Abortion caused by sepsis, a more serious condition, pallor, sometimes yellowness

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    Overabundance of potassium in the body is only possible if the woman were assigned too high a dose of the drug that contains the macrocell

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    is progesterone - the hormone of the corpus luteum

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    Swimming in the baby bathChild is ready to bathe in the bath immediately after he healed umbilical cord

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    kefalogematomy (bleeding in the periosteum).Frankly about childbirthCaring for your baby

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    For swimming child in potassium permanganate solution which you pour in water should be gently - pink. If washing machine costs in bath, in time baby bathing it should be off and cord removed from outlet. Passing Road stand before stroller and make sure you have whether on road machine

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    In the subcutaneous tissue appear more fat storage.Breasts and genitals

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    Types of baby cryingChallenging crying: a child cries for 5-6 seconds, then pauses for 20-30 seconds, waiting for the result, then cries again about 10 seconds and went quiet for 20-30 seconds

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    I m about - 160 g;b p s - 100 g;n o m e p o s - 20 g;m o r k o v s - 75 g;to a r t o f E L - 200 g;to a n y s t a - 250 g;l and t in s on e o ra in and - 25 g;to p at p and in about a I n and I - 50 g;I n th of to have p and n o e - 1 w t.;I used about a liter and - 200 g;m o l o to about - 200 m l;PROOF of p g - 50 g;s m e n t and a - 40 g;p r o s t o w to in a while - 200 m l;m O il with l and o h n o e - 15 g;m O il p a s t and t s e l e n o - 10 m l


    Do nipples most adapted to the needs of infants, usually two holes to milk slowly trickled down the sides, rather than directly into the throat.Three-speed model allows you to control the milk by turning the bottle

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    Insidious allergyEvery year, the world is growing predisposition to allergic diseases, especially in children during the first year of life

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    reopoliglyukina and bribed MagnetI Sawentire pregnancy too, and he has already ended.Actovegin - a major component of the drug isextract of calf blood

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    Parietal crustIn the first months of the baby can appear yellowish or white crust on the head

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    The negative effect of external application of less than from internal, but still not worth the risk of exposing themselves and their baby

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    Needed to be surrounded pregnant atmosphere of goodwill and sensitivity, care and affection, as their lack of character spoils baby.Signs and pregnantThere has long been signs associated with the behavior of pregnancy, childbirth, the nature of the child's appearance.If pregnant belly sharp, it's a boy, if the round will be a girl

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    Sweet dishes allowed to eat honey, jam, jam

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    I'm about to have a w e n and I - 226;and y and z and p - 170;th o d y p t - 120;m o l o to about 1% - th n o f p and n o s t and - 120;s m e n t a - 100;with e m e n a n d o l o n a h e H and a - 100;m o l o to about 3% - th n o f p and n o s t and - 100;s with p m i g k and h o rt to about 0.5% - th n o f p and n o s t and - 100;PROOF p o d - 95;g r e n c and d of e x p - 94;th o d y p t o o l y to t o s in th - 85;with a l and t - 85;on l and k and s e l e n e s - 77;n e c a n - 73;and p and x and - 70;

    Green - perseverance, self-assertion

    Blue color - a symbol of peace, satisfaction with their condition

    Use diapers

    eye: the child all the time looking at the sameside when lying or is in your hand.Usually on the neck very compacted muscleuntil senses stone byopposite to that in which he is constantlyrotated

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    At diagnosis consider complaints of the patient, measure the pressure

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    processed seams, trying to poop go to the toilet,ate or something stroked diapers.Frankly about childbirthJust not in the hospital ...Just not in the hospital ...On the second day after discharge from the hospital occurredone case that proves that I was still inpostpartum state of shock.Approaching lunch, put on the table to eat up"Festive" food: salads, chicken, potatoes

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    Yellow regulates digestion


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