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Baby care

With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

Baby care

Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


If the mother and then

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Types of baby crying

Challenging crying: a child cries for 5-6 seconds, then pauses for 20-30 seconds, waiting for the result, then cries again about 10 seconds and went quiet for 20-30 seconds. This cycle is repeated several times, and the period of mourning gradually increases until it becomes solid.

Hungry crying: crying begins with conscription. If the mother came and took his hands, but did not offer breasts, then goes into an angry cry cry, combined with search head movements, and during exploratory movements child silent. If the mother and then not give the breast, then demanding cry goes into mourning with the flooding.

Crying in pain: with a hint of anguish and despair. This is a fairly smooth incessant crying, which arise periodically bursts desperate cry that seems to correspond to enhance pain.

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Anywhere , where

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anywhere , where you can оказаться ? Если захочет - пусть засыпает . Не ожидая привычных маминых Hand and укачиваний . Лучшей иллюстрацией к изначальной способности child sleep in any conditions I think if he played in this moment not with Mom and not with audience . A self . This not call to Moreover , to leave child one . is to issue about Infant self-regulation .

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Symptoms as severe

Author: admin Date: Сбт, 30 Июн 2007 12:48:21 +0000

b l e s o n s, n e o o l t e a d o to p and e n d a n d s o n e t o k with k o r s and p r.)

n e c o t o p u t a b s o l e a n d u t e r and d o b e r e m e n n o s t and (e n d o m e t r and m and d p.)

n e d o s t a t a and t and in a m and n and C w s e r a and f o l and e in about th to and from l o t s;

to p o in o l and s and I n and m th e w d u p l a c e n t of th and s t e n to o th u t to u;

with l and m to about m to about Sirota to about th n y n o n s in and;

m n o p r o l o g n o d b e r e m e n n o s t u;

t p and m (n and d n e, y ou r in g and about t).

How does it manifest?

Perhaps minor bleeding, but not necessarily, abdominal cramps or pain slack - at a small piece of placenta abruption.

In more serious cases - more heavy bleeding, severe abdominal pain. Symptoms as severe blood loss when: paleness, weakness, dizziness. Child at this time begins to suffer from lack of oxygen. Maybe its intrauterine death.

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I m about - 160 g; b p s - 100 g; n o m e p o s - 20 g; m o r k o v s - 75 g; to a r t o f E L - 200 g; to a n y s t a - 250 g; l and t in s on e o ra in and - 25 g; to p at p and in about

Author: admin Date: Пнд, 19 Мар 2007 13:14:57 +0000

I m about - 160 g;

b p s - 100 g;

n o m e p o s - 20 g;

m o r k o v s - 75 g;

to a r t o f E L - 200 g;

to a n y s t a - 250 g;

l and t in s on e o ra in and - 25 g;

to p at p and in about a I n and I - 50 g;

I n th of to have p and n o e - 1 w t.;

I used about a liter and - 200 g;

m o l o to about - 200 m l;

PROOF of p g - 50 g;

s m e n t and a - 40 g;

p r o s t o w to in a while - 200 m l;

m O il with l and o h n o e - 15 g;

m O il p a s t and t s e l e n o - 10 m l.

EXAMPLE e r n a i e, and f and t (p and s with h and m and n and n and d n 3 I)

P e p s th d e n s


1st breakfast:

and to w and g p h e n e c a I - 50 g;

n and w t e r m i n o with th - 60 g;

m O il with l and o h n o e - 10 g;

x l e b n w h e n d n s - 1 l o m m and k;

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Do nipples most adapted to the needs of infants, usually two holes to milk slowly trickled down the sides, rather than directly into the throat.

Three-speed model allows you to control the milk by turning the bottle. Nipples of the T-shaped milk comes whichever how intensively child sucks.

Physiological silicone nipple eases the transition from breastfeeding to bottle as much as possible precisely mimics the shape of the nipple.

Baby easier to cope with soft latex or rubber nipple. disadvantage is that the new has a pungent smell and taste, and the frequent use of sticks together. Before each feeding nipples squeeze tip: if the walls are glued together, so it's time to change.

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So mom when drawing

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Insidious allergy

Every year, the world is growing predisposition to allergic diseases, especially in children during the first year of life. The likelihood of developing allergic diseases depends on a genetic (hereditary) predisposition.

If a family one parent has allergic disease, the likelihood of developing allergies in children is 45-50%, both parents - 60-70%, in the absence of allergic diseases in parents - 10-20% more likely to establish relationships with allergic diseases on the mother. This is quite understandable. Child is inextricably linked with his mother to nine months, receiving from her air, water, blood, food. So mom when drawing up its daily menu should be considered and a predisposition to allergies. During pregnancy, pay special attention to organic foods, avoiding use of canned foods, sausages and drinks with chemical dyes. Read more -->

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